>Fajsty Writes….

>Hanna and Signe are all happy about being Celebrities online, See: here.

Well, I can say that I am actually on a Window.
Sure it isnt the best photo of me, but it is me none the less.

It’s the animal shop by the little square in the city, near the tv4 station.

So I think I win the celebrity factor.

I am now also an inventory at galgberget with at least one walk a day, sometimes 2 or 3.
I have now learned that you should not jump onto strangers and especially not the grey-haired ones. I bark at them instead. I should probably not do that either but sometimes I just cant help myself. Although Yesterday I walked past 3 grey haired ones with sticks and weird machines, and I was quiet all the way past them. After that I got a lot of sausage.