>Well like said, the training IS paying off, but its harder where there are lots of smells than where there are lots of people now. Earlier it was the other way around.

Now we can walk through the city at its busiest, and as long as there are no dogs around his attention is on the street or on me. Not on the other people. This is a good thing.

But when we walk in the city parks he pulls like a madman to get to the smell he wants, so I think that is the next step now. People are done, needs repetition of course, but people we can easily pass (most of the time) now, only Smells and Dogs left.

I’m loosely planning a ”Dog-meeting-course” together with Marie at Ronjas Hundgöra where I think I need to participate with my wild thing . .

Sometimes meeting a dog on a distance works well. Most of the time it doesn’t though. Some males growl and bark at him, Some males he growls and barks at. Some just ignore him.

It will be a while before we can pass a dog like we can pass a jogger. But I think we will get there with enough training.