>Sticks and Meatballs

>I’m so proud and happy about the Fajsty-dog today…

After the morning walk I was pretty annoyed, he was pulling like an idiot OR standing still, claws dug into the ground, sniffing something. Not fun.

But, that all changed on the afternoon walk, I was initially going to take him somewhere to run, but I ran out of time, so I took him to the field and let him off the lead, armed with 2 sticks and meatballs.

First we ran around the trees like idiots to burn out the most extreme energy. Then I took the stick, told him to stay, I put it a few steps ahead and told him to go find it.. He did and when I got it back he got a piece of meatball, Fair trade.

Then I did like that in the crass a few times, on different places and distances, and he found it every time. So I started to hide it in the bushes, and he found it there too, so we moved overt to the long grass, and I started to go further and do more elaborate hidings (drop it halfway to where I pretend to hide it)… And he figured them all out.

So I kept the sticks and will try to do the same tomorrow …

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