>New Beginning

>Me and mister F has had a few issues regarding Barking.

Barking at people and barking at other things, both animate/d/ and inanimate.

Today we visited Matilda Sjöö (who seems to not have a website) and she was everything I had hoped for if not more. She was cool.

She gave me the tools I needed to create a plan of attack to deal with his nuttyness.

Soon (I have high hopes) we will have a VERY nice dog in the house, not only cute and charming.

So now this blog will be textbased for a while as I will document each day what we have trained and how well we have done.

This is the plan:

  1. Fajsty will stay with dad. Holiday from the program.
  2. Practice with Ann E-B. Not allowed to greet her until he’s calm (goes for all practices listed)
  3. P with M.
  4. P with Ann J.
  5. P with dad.
  6. P with M.
  7. P with Hanna & Signe 16:00.
  8. P with M.
  9. P with Muffin.
  10. P with Ann & Fia.
  11. P with  Muffin.


  1.  Practice with Ann J.
  2.  Practice with Signe (mayyybe another dog too)
  3. REVISIT with Matilda Sjöö

The people listed are just ideas, but I will try to stick to them as I need to do progress, for my sake and for Fajstys. We dont want to look bad on the 3/3-2009.
If by then the dog-meets are better and I have become clearer in my actions (not so easy for a semi-aspie-person) we will start putting some effort into the walks.

Although Lamp-posts and other ”extremely important smells” will be treated as people. No greeting until calm.
This will probably be the most difficult one to keep.

So, word of the 2 weeks ahead:

No fun until calm!
The hardest part will be when he sees my father or my mother.
But its good training, as she said: if he cant be calm and keep himself composed indoors with people he knows, then how could he outdoors with fun new potential playmates?
It will be heartbreaking to hear him cry for dad but I agree with what she says, her logic makes sense.
He should be able to Sit and Stay even though someone comes through the door.

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