>Rally-obedience is a relatively new dog-sport in Sweden. I have read a lot about it and Marie has had classes in it.
Look here for more info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rally_obedience
and http://www.charsobediencetraining.com/rally_classes.html

Me and Mr F started a rally-obedience class in Varberg (because there is a new(?) IMMI certified doggietrainer there) ..

The Rally was fun.
It was an old lady who had it, and I noticed I was a bit prejudicing thinking ”uh-oh” but then again she can’t be too bad since she is IMMI certified. And indeed it was a good lady, she knew a lot about the dogs language and sensitive dogs. I didnt agree with all her clicker-methods but I’ll give ’em a try and see what happens.

only think I reacted a bit on was that the dogs were ABSOLUTELY not allowed to sniff eachother because ”then everything else in there *points to gate* gets ruined” I didnt quite understand that reasoning… maybe she’ll explain it.

One thing I didnt like was that she just took other peoples dogs to show things on, without really asking for permission. Also we started 30 minutes late. Not impressed. We were there 15 minutes early to make sure we found the right place … so we stood around for 40 minutes. Crazy!

The area was good, a pretty large field with good grass, though in need of mowing (fajst found smells everywhere) .

But he is a Cocker Spaniel so I guess anything else would have been surprising.