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Sit and Ligg.. 

Fajsty doesn’t know sitt from ligg.
He did when he was small because I remember testing him.. But now he just chances and normally it doesnt matter, but now if there’s a sign saying “sitt” he should sit, not lie down.
So I have decided to train sit as sit and lie down as down. Then the audible difference will be larger.
And hopefully he will stop chancing the behaviour. I have consistently not inforced the incorrect action but still he chances. I think he’s just too eager so he takes a chance, whats the worst that could happen?

I practiced this today along with walking in a pretty large circle around him. “sit plus circle” & “down plus circle”.

I also practiced Right turns around a pole.
I put up a pole with a sign on it saying Right Turn (so I wouldnt forget) and then we walked around and when I had his attention I praised and headed for the pole and as we were turning I said “Höger” (Right) .. idea stolen from Hanna & Signe.

Then after a million repetitions I tried saying höger when walking straight and he did start to turn so I completed the turn and gave him lots of treats and played with him.

Then we did some sit/down discriminating again.

The one downer, He barked at an old lady walking by.
Not good. I could stop it and divert but it took some time.