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>Change of language… I seem to have aquired swedish friends, of which some find English difficult. So for their sake I think I will start writing in swedish. And perhaps loose a few visitors from abroad….

But first this entry will be an update, so that you who actually read and care wont miss out ..

Fajsty has had his issues with his back, as you know, he’s been to the vet in Helsingborg and they found stuff which I later learned was not there. His hip displacemenet on the X-rays in Hbg was due to muscle-stiffness and was cured after massage and acupuncture.

Then I went to a physical therapist in Halmstad to see if it was in his muscles if it was not in his sceleton. . His muscles were sore, but she couldn’t find the rooot of the evil so to say.. Then I decided to go to Carola as soon as I could, if noone else can find the problem, she can.

So this past weekend I was in Eslöv for a Rally-o education and since she lived just an hour away I basically told her I would be coming.

She found the problem immediately… It was a dislocated vertebra in his spine that was causing all evil, she fixed that, some stuff in his neck, knees, and tail… And I saw an immediate change in his posture… No more Greyhound walk… Much more cocker-spaniel over him… So Happy!

Now its back to a little bit greyhound-like, his posture, but still not half as bad as it was.

His skeleton is perfect, his temper is good albeit a bit worried internally (inherited from his mother), this is what together with the pain made him the ”monster” he could be.

Imagine if I had taken his reaction to the pain (growling, barking at other dogs) as a dominance thing and started choking him and beating him up about it? That would have lost all his respect for me as a ’leader’ and also made everything worse because I’d basically be telling him that other dogs are dangerous. Look at other dogs and you get more pain. Make a sound when looking at other dogs and you get even more pain…. The problem would not disappear. Eventually he might shut down and become a robot.. but I hope nobody wants that?

No, +R as they call it in america, thats the way to roll. Positive Reinforcement.

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