>Private training / Consultancy

>Date: 21/1 -08

Name; Fajsty


  • Walk (on a lead) rules
    • Left side!
    • Walk backwards when he’s pulling, repeat if necessary, reward when he gets the idea and goes nicely (at least a few steps) on left side.
    • Never reach anything he darts towards
    • With intense pulling or no time for the walking backwards trick, Super short lead until relaxed.
  • Say Hello Nicely
    • Sit down, no human closer than 2 meters to start with.
    • No petting!
    • Reward when sitting and continues to sit.
  • Linetraining (ie clothesline or long rope)
    • Kom Hit (come to us), in all situations.
    • When sniffing
    • When peeking (not when peeing)
    • When just walking
    • If he doesnt come, drag him to you and reward in any way when there.

So today we went on a walk this morning around 8, and I didnt have to train any of the above because he was lovely the whole way round.

And then another walk at around 14:30 (until 16:10) where we practiced the backwards routine and met an old lady to practice ”sit down and love people, dont attack them with your loving”. It worked when she walked past and also when she stopped, but then before I had time to say anything she addressed him saying how good he was and then of course he wanted to bolt to her, but I reminded him about what we were doing and he said something along the lines of ”ok then” and sat down again and got a snack ..

After the old lady we met a power walker (swish, swosh, swish, swosh) I sat him down again and it went remarkably well. He wanted to go say hi, but he didn’t. Few more snacks and some love.

In a thinner area we met two people with a baby carriage, he sat down until they were close and then he wanted to go say hi, so he stood up on 2 legs and tried to get to them … We met those again on a broader road and then he sat down while they passed. Not as interested to go say hi.

I had to put him on mega-short lead 2 times, both involving another dog ahead. I noted that he doesn’t really start pulling until there’s less than 30 meters in between..

So all in all I am quite pleased. The meeting other dogs behaviour could definitely improve, but thats what the course starting on Sunday is for.

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