>The Training Continues

>So we keep on practicing what we have learned.
In the mornings we walk on the field on the long-rope, in the afternoons we practice dont pull and in the evenings we also practice not to pull along with having him loose without the long-rope (to see if all the practice has any effect…. )

The don’t pull routine is working, he’s starting to realize that if he tries to go forward too hard, he’ll have to go backwards. Something he isn’t too happy about. So the pulling has more or less stopped unless he sees something very interesting.

When I call him (when loose) and he is in front of me he comes back like a lightning but when he’s behind he takes his time to start coming but once he’s on his way he comes fast.
One difference from before we started this is that now he does not run past me, he runs to me. So if needed I can put the lead on.

We have pretty much figured that he’s to be on the left side, although on the field its not so important (unless he’s on the lead on the field) .

Tomorrow we might try walking somewhere new, see if the training works also there.

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